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They said all we had to do was empty a shed!

by John Lasman | 29th August, 2023 | Uncategorised

It all started with a simple phone call from the council.

“Hello,” she said,” We have a house that requires the removal of a shed from the garden.” As it transpired the shed was a rather large affair, used as a workshop by the tenant for many years.

Although it was very cluttered and full of junk it was going well, very well indeed. Three lorry loads of various bits and bobs were taken to the skip. In fact all that was left to do was brush the floor, clearing old cardboard boxes, bits of copper pipe, odd bits of electric wiring, nuts, screws, nails etc…. and then it happened.

A phone call to the office from Robert, foreman of the crew. “Hi Nicole, Robert here can I speak to John, I’ve just found a bullet, a live bullet! It’s a 303 for a Lee Enfield. (We’re actually a bit worried how he knew that!)

Well, it was all a bit like Dads Army – ”…don’t tell them your name Pike!”. Several phone calls later and the bullet was safely in the hands of the police.

By the time the crew got back to the office the story was that they had found several machine guns, a bazooka and a tank hidden under a tarpaulin!

We await the next call from the council with trepidation….

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