Clackmannan Tolbooth

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Clackmannan Tolbooth

by John Lasman | 29th  August, 2023 | Uncategorised

One of our construction director’s (John Lasman) passions is local history, so when he heard we were to be working on the conservation work for Clackmannan Tolbooth suffice to say he was ecstatic.

The Tolbooth in Clackmannan was built in the late 16th century primarily due to the wishes of William Menteith, the local sheriff, who was no longer inclined to hold prisoners in his own dwelling house. All that remains now is the belfry tower. Beside this is the ancient standing stone of Mannan, associated with two stories – one of the Sea God Mannau, the other concerning Robert the Bruce’s lost glove (or mannan). It is thought that this originally stood on an island in the River Forth. Nearby is the Mercat Cross, a solitary pillar bearing the arms of the Bruce family.

With a building dating back to 1592 it should come as no surprise that over the years remedial work was required.

So it is now that the belfry tower is in need of some tender care. Lasman have been appointed as project leaders for this latest restoration that will require the skills of stone masons, conservation specialists. One of the first problems to address is the removal of the dome roof and this is where the specialist building skills that Lasmans have in relation to historical monuments comes to the fore.

Prior to any actual restoration work starting, research will be carried out, reports gathered from the specialist teams involved, followed by the creation of detailed drawings. This will be carried out over the next two to three months with an anticipated  work date planned for the spring of 2024.

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