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John’s 50-year love affair!

by John Lasman | 30th August, 2020 | Uncategorised

Calm down now. It’s not what you think, no skeletons in John’s cupboard!

His love affair is with what he considers the builders best buddy- the Ford Transit.

For over 50 years the ford transit has been a common sight on UK roads, no surprise then that it has been the best-selling light commercial vehicle during this time. The Transit has seen many transformations and unique one-off editions. Launched with an extremely basic design, it lasted over twenty years until the diesel and V6 engines were introduced. The new engines influenced a “pig snout” nose design and a more contemporary look. Costing just £560 when first unveiled to the nation’s builders, plumbers, and electricians. Sales total more than eight million vehicles worldwide.

Long gone are the days where the MK1 and MK2 came with extraordinarily little features. Today the transit offers a choice of four models in it’s line-up; Courier, Connect, Custom and the original Transit. The Transit shows no signs of declining anytime soon.

So, for John he has no doubts, in his words: “If  looked after, it will never let you down. Toil with you all day, then bring you home. It will do this day after day. Long live the Ford Transit.” Here’s to the next fifty years!

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