One or two highlights from 2022

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One or two highlights from 2022

by John Lasman | 22nd February 2023 | Uncategorised

We asked John Lasman to give us some highlights during 2022.

His response was quite surprising. –

“We have had a remarkably busy year, with some complex problems to solve and tight deadlines to meet. Obviously, I’m delighted to say we achieved all we set out to do.”

Highlights of the year must be the following:


Devon Valley Railway Bridge, Fishcross

The Devon Valley Railway linked Alloa and Kinross in central Scotland, along a route following the valley of the river Devon. Leaving the main Stirling to Dunfermline line at Alloa, other stations were built at Sauchie, Tillicoultry, Dollar, Rumbling Bridge, Crook of Devon, Balado and Kinross, where it joined the main Perth to Edinburgh. The stations were closed in the early sixties.

Its construction took 20 years from the first section opening in 1851, to the final section in 1871. Three railway companies were involved, and it encountered a great many problems both with finance and engineering, particularly in relation to the many bridges that were required.

Fast forward to 2022 and it is only now that some of these bridges are requiring attention. Quite a tribute to the original engineers and construction workers of the 19th century.

Not only were we project managers, but it also involved our construction and technical services divisions for the length of the contract. Now, despite managing most things in house, on my first site inspection I realised we would need specialist help.

The existing steel girders, whilst still doing their job, would need to be replaced. To ensure this was done safely and with no movement to the existing bridge we employed Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors who installed several precise and delicate measuring sensors.

(A more detailed post will follow in the future). Regular monitoring allowed for these works of a very technical nature to be completed successfully and with minimal disruption to the road traffic above.


War Memorials

It is not often you can say you can look forward to getting up and going to work.

However, when we were appointed to repair and renovate the county’s war memorials I couldn’t wait to get started!

I am an avid reader on the history of Clackmannan County. Particularly on the contribution of the people, from the plethora of villages throughout the county. I believe it’s important to remember the achievements of our forefathers. Both in terms of industrial growth and indeed the sacrifices made during the two world wars and other conflicts since.

So, as I say I’m delighted to be working on this.

Currently completed are Menstrie, Alva, Dollar, Coalsnaughton and Alloa (Bedford Place).

Now it’s not often I blow my own trumpet, but the results are stunning! No need to take my word for it, see for yourself by paying them a visit!


Alloa, Bedford Place

My final highlight is what I call our payback to the community.

On an annual basis we are delighted to help several charities throughout the county.

Among others in 2022 we supported Wimpy Park, Alloa Athletic Youth Academy and not forgetting the Christmas Tree for Alva Development Trust at the Cochrane Hall, Alva.

Well, it is my home village.

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